2017 Free Flow MX Park Summer Series Challenge

Starting in 2017 no full size ATVs are allowed at Free Flow MX Park, on the tracks or the trails, so there will be no racing of full size ATVs.
Small ATVs, 90cc 2-stroke or 110cc 4-stroke, can be ridden at Free Flow MX Park. If we get sufficient numbers we will have classes for
the small ATVs. NO ATVs are allowed on the Intermediate track.

The new Kubota tractor and tilling equipment have been onsite since late fall. The Intermediate track will be tilled for all race days and
through the week as Free Flow personnel determine it is required. The soil here at Free Flow MX Park, when tilled, remains in relatively large
chunks that can cause problems for bikes with small wheels. The Beginner track will NOT be tilled so that small wheel bikes and beginner riders
on full size bikes have somewhere to ride so that they do not have to deal with this condition.

May 13/14
    Due to the extremely wet spring our event dates have been pushed back by 2 weeks.

May 27/28
    Saturday May 27th    - Registration
                - Rider classification
                - Timing for Intermediate track eligibility
    Sunday May 28th        - Annual rider skill school

    On Saturday Free Flow personnel will be watching and evaluating ALL riders to determine the appropriate class for them to ride in.
    We will be endeavouring to ensure that there is a good split, based on skill level, between the classes so that we will have close 
    racing and everyone has someone to race with.

    On Sunday Free Flow personnel will be putting on our annual basic skills school. Since the emphasis of the school is on basic skills riders
    of both disciplines ridden at Free Flow, moto-x and trails, can get benefit from attending. The Free Flow personnel involved in putting
    on the skills school have years of experience on ATVs and bikes, on the moto-x track and on the trails. 

    At this time 50cc and 65cc bikes are NOT allowed on the Intermediate track.
    85cc 2-stroke or 150cc 4-stroke are allowed on the Intermediate track AFTER they have completed a qualification process on the Beginner track.
    To qualify these riders must first exhibit sufficient skill that they are in control of their bike at all times. Then riders will be timed on
    the Beginner track and once they can run 3 consecutive laps under a specified time they will be granted permission to ride the Intermediate track.
    This qualification process will start on May 13th but will be an ongoing process so riders can qualify to ride the Intermediate track as their
    skill level increses throughout the season. Please note that this qualification process is NOT just to race on the Intermediate track this is also
    to ride the Intermedaite track.

June 10/11 Round 1
    Saturday - Cross Country
    Sunday - Moto-X

July 8/9 Round 2
    Saturday - Cross Country
    Sunday - Moto-X

July 22/23 Round 3
    Saturday - Practice
    Sunday - Moto-X

August 12/13 Round 4
    Saturday - Practice
    Sunday - Moto-X

September 2/3 Round 5
    Saturday - Practice
    Sunday - Moto-X

September 23
    Annual Awards Banquet

Other Events

June 24/25 (Postponed till October 28)
    Offroad Ontario Warren Thaxter Event
    Park is closed to everyone except those competing in the Offroad Ontario event. This means moto-x tracks and trails.

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