Recreation Hall:

 The construction/remodel has begun on our new Rec Hall, that will open in May 2017.

The Hall is located just past the entrance of the MX/XC tracks, on the left. The building is 3000sq/ft, and will have 6 full bathrooms, with showers upstairs. The main floor of the building will be heated & air conditioned, with a stage, full kitchen, with deep fryer, grill, ice cream machine, and drinks. There will be tables & chairs for 100+ people and a 100" TV for movies and games.

 We will have live music, karaoke nights, movie nights, and a Christmas party  some time in December 2017.

 This year, our year end banquet will move into the new hall for the awards and dinner. If it rains, we will still have our banquet on the same day, just no riding.

 The Hall will be open every race weekend, and it will be available for Birthday Parties, Receptions, and Banquets.


new track build:

new tracks:

Construction of our new beginner track & Intermediate track is complete. The new Beginner track has been designed, and built, with the beginner rider in mind. The track now has 17 jumps, that include 2 rhythm sections, and tight corners, keeping speeds manageable for beginner riders. The new Beginner track is 1 Klm long, and I will be adding another .2 to .3 klm's by spring of 2017, giving our more advanced mini riders a lap time of around 2 minutes. We will be redoing our 50cc mini track as well, but probably won't see those changes until spring 2017.

 The changes to our Beginner track, were in preparation, for the construction of a brand new Intermediate level track. This new track has been designed for the more experienced riders, and will not be able to be ridden by all riders. The track will be limited to a minimum bike size of 85cc 2-stroke or 150cc 4-stroke, and riders going from the beginner track to the intermediate track, must prove their riding skills, before they will have access to the intermediate track. Quads will not be allowed on the new intermediate track. Construction of the Intermediate track is complete.

Intermediate Track watering system:

 Spring of 2017, we will be adding a watering system (sprinkler) to the intermediate track, and at the end of 2016, we purchased a new tractor for grooming the track.  Starting this spring, the track will be watered and tilled. We will groom the track every Monday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

Camper rentals:

Due to time & costs, we will no longer offer camper rentals for 2017.

track & membership rates:

Track Membership, and daily ride rates, are now posted in the rates section of the website. With the construction of the new tracks, we will determine fees, by what track you will be able to ride, not by age.


 For the 2017 season, we will no longer allow big quads on any of the tracks. Small quads, up to 90cc 2-stroke, or 110cc 4-stroke will be allowed on the Mini track, and Beginner track only. All sizes of quads can be ridden on the trails.

New for 2017: