Free Flow uses the scoring system. To compete in our series you will need to have a transponder which will be for sale at Free Flow to people who will be competing in our series for a more than competitive price. Just to reiterate, a transponder is MANDATORY to compete in the Free Flow MX Park Summer Series Challenge

If you do not have a transponder you will NOT be scored.

We will NOT be renting transponders.

This means that Free Flow will no longer be assigning bike numbers. You can run no number at all or any number you like on your bike now.
The 2 most asked questions have been asked about the transponders have been:
1) can the transponders be shared and
2) can the transponders be transferred.

The short answer to both questions is yes.
It may seem obvious but it pays to state that 2 people riding in the same class cannot use the same transponder. When you register on race day you will have to provide your 7 digit transponder id #. This id # appears on the back of the transponder in large numders so you do not have to remember it. The software tracks the name and class seperately for each person using the transponder so you will see each persons results seperately. It would be advisable to order as many "holders" as people who will be using the transponder to make switching easier.
You can sell your transponder to someone if you no longer need and / or you can buy a used transponder provided it meets the criteria stated below. There is a re-registration page on the website to handle the online re-registarion of a used transponder.
Once you have your transponder you will need to activate it by downloading and installing on your pc the Connect software. Activation and charging will need to be done prior to coming to your first Free Flow event.
The original "Flex MX" transponders (the orange coloured ones) were sold without subscriptions. We have been informed by technical support that there is no guarantee that these original "Flex MX" transponders that were sold without subscriptions will function with the current up-to-date version of the system that we are buying. Later versions of the original "Flex MX" transponders were sold with subscriptions. These "Flex MX" transponders that were sold with subscriptions will work with the current up-to-date version of the system that we are buying.
To sum up:
1) "Flex MX" transponders sold with subscriptions will work here at Free Flow provided they have a current subscription.
2) "Flex MX" transponders sold that did not require subscriptions are not guaranteed to work here at Free Flow.
This information comes directly from technical support

You can tell if a transponder has an expired subscription by putting it in the charging cradle and checking the light on the transponder, not on the cradle. The light on the transonder will flash as described below immediately without needed to be charged.
The light on the transponder has 3 different modes.
1) Flashing green means the transponder is charged and has an active subsrcription.
2) Flashing red slowly means the transponder is charging and has an active subsrcription.
3) Flashing red rapidly means the transponder subsrciption has expired and the transponder will not function.