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2017 Summer series challenge

All Riders:

Riders, age 14 & up:      $25.00/class, per day

Riders, age 13 & under:  $15.00/class, per day


 - There will be no gate fees or spectator fees for these events.

 - the above fees include practices, before and after the events, if time permits.

2017 Riding Rates & packages:

Day rider:

 The Day Rider rate, will include full access to the Mini & Main MX Tracks & Trails, and Showers,  during posted hours. The cost of Membership is listed below, and is a per visit price.

Intermediate Track:    $35.00

Beginner Track:

Ages 7 & up:               $25.00

ages 6 & under:           $15.00


The tracks and trails at Free Flow are available to be rented on weekdays only. This has to be arranged before hand by contacting Robin Brant thru the "Contact Us" page on the website.

Full Access Membership:

Good for 365 days from date of purchase. The Full Access package includes a Gate Code, for 7 day/week access to the entire park. The cost of the Full Access Pass, will be a one time yearly fee (Please see below) with no extra charges per visit. Full Access riders, will not receive a discount on the race series events.

Intermediate Track:          $300.00/year (please see notes)

Beginner tracks:              $200.00/year

Family Rate:

3 riders:   25% discount

4 riders:   35% discount

5 or more: 40% discount

* Please note:

None of the above packages include camping. if you would like a full access package with camping, please call or email for details

* Intermediate track is limited to a minimum bike size of 85cc 2-stroke, or 150cc 4-stroke. all small bikes must complete a qualifying lap on the beginner track, and must be able to pick up their bike, and start it on their own, before they will have access to the intermediate track.

* intermediate track will be closed to members, on Monday's and Friday's, for grooming.



Weekends - Gates open at 10am and gates close at 5pm (if you are here before the gates close, you can ride till dusk.)

Weekdays - Full Membership Required